Bus Schedules

We have entered into a cooperative transportation agreement with our neighboring schools, Dunsmuir Elementary and Dunsmuir High School.

Our bus that goes to Lakehead will pick up Castle Rock students as well as Dunsmuir Elementary and Dunsmuir High students. It will drop off our students and proceed on to DES and DHS.

Our Mt. Shasta bus will pick up our students, as well as DES and DHS students, and then drop off students at DES and DHS on the way to Castle Rock.

Castle Rock students who live in Dunsmuir will be picked up by the Dunsmuir High School bus as it makes its run through town. The DHS bus will then meet our bus at the high school where our students will get off the DHS bus and get on our bus for the remainder of the trip to Castle Rock School.

In the afternoon all of our students will leave school at the usual time of 2:30.

**Please note that the times listed on each schedule shows the time the bus Leaves the bus stop **