​​​Castle Rock Elementary  

1. BrainPOP/BrainPOP Jr
Geared to helping kids from kindergarten to grade 12, this site offers tons of educational games and videos on subjects like social studies, math, science, art and history. BrainPOP Jr is great for little learners from kindergarten to grade three. Full access to the site requires a subscription, but there’s plenty of free content to explore.

2. DOGO News
Does your child love reading and watching the news? Created by a San Francisco mom, this kid-friendly news site is the perfect place for curious minds to catch up on current events, with articles written specifically for a younger audience.

3. HowStuffWorks
If your little one is constantly asking why and how, then this is the place for her. You’ll never have to answer a tough question again (well, maybe!).

4. KidsReads 
Here at Today’s Parent, we feel that it’s never too early to read. Nurture your little bookworm with kid-themed articles, book reviews and author bios.

5. NASA Kids’ Club
Blast off into learning with this galactic page where wee astronauts can do puzzles and games and learn all about the famous space program.

6. Science Bob
Let your kids geek out on this informative site. It’s the go-to spot for all things science, with experiments to try, research tips and a Q&A section.

7. Starfall 
A phenomenal resource for young readers, the site features tools and games that align with the school curriculum. This site is so fun, your kids will forget it’s educational.

8. Cool Math Games
As the name suggests, this isn’t a boring math site. Excite your little mathletes (or struggling academics) with this hands-on site that’s brimming with strategy, logic and skill games.


9. PBS Parents
The Online Games section of the PBS website offers not only games but also printable activities such as coloring pages. These resources attract and engage young students because they feature popular PBS characters.